The Open Your Ears team

We are 15 Special Event Management students who are currently in our 4th semester at George Brown College. The team contains a huge variety of talent including music producers, graphic designers, DJs, writers and much more. With our combined talents and our combined love for music, the Open Your Ears festival was created!
Our mission is to give our attendees the time of their life while showcasing music they may not normally seek out on their own. Furthermore, we aim to make this an annual festival for the Toronto music scene to keep promoting diverse music.

Open Your Ears is a charity event, all net profits will go to the Canadian Hearing Society and to George Brown College for the developement and improvement of their American Sign Language programs. We chose this charity because of our passion for music and sound and wish for everyone to experience music in one way or another. We hope to assist the CHS in doing this through our donation and help them raise awareness for their charity.

Come and Open Your Ears on April 4th with us!

Adelaide Hall - 7 PM - 11 PM

Who are we?

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Our Charity

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